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Future of Interior Design

Gone were the days when designers have to perform explicit verbal explanation and pages of 2D drawings. The world of interior design is evolving as new technologies enter the playing field. Virtual Reality (VR) immerses the user in 720º of visual content, allowing the user to feel like they are in that space. By applying VR in interior design, clients could literally walk through different zones of their potential new home. It also allows them to see the space from every angle and get a more realistic sense of the space and feel assured of their investment.


The First Step to Amazing

Space planning is the most fundamental process in interior design. It starts with understanding the clients' lifestyle and how they intend to use each space. The designer will then create spaces that is not only aesthetically appealing but also comfortable and functional.

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Bring Ideas to Life

With the aid of 3D rendering software, we apply materials, textures and lightings to a 3D model, creating a photo-realistic image of what the space will look like. Other than impressing the client at this stage, it will help them understand what the end product will look like and reassuring themselves about the design decision they have made.


Transform Vision into Reality

We offer Design-and-Build service whereby we will take sole responsibility in project completion. This allows us to reduce overall project delivery time as there is overlap in design and construction, which translates into cost savings. By appointing a single entity to take charge of a project, there is more cohesiveness amongst various sub-contractors, resulting in better coordination and hence better build quality.

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